Response Services

Help your business prepare the right response to a breach

Before a security breach

We’ll support your staff before, during and after an incident to make sure you respond in the best way. Our consultants review every aspect of your cyber security ecosystem, including:

  • Procedures and detection capabilities.
  • Incident management policies and processes.
  • Data security and privacy risks.
  • Security protocols.

We run regular security audits, simulated attacks and pen tests. These help to protect your business from emerging cyber threats. We help your staff get the expertise they need to identify cyber risk and stop an attack.

During an incident

Our expert team work with your business to identify the type of cyber attack and how it happened. Together we determine the best course of action.


We provide systems designed to manage situations after a breach. This means you can contain the problem quickly and efficiently.

We provide detailed reports, expert advice and guidance on cybercrime legislation throughout the response.

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