Prevention Services

Fix your weaknesses, beat your attackers

By recognising that hackers will find weak spots, you can improve how your business designs and delivers services, manages risks and trains its teams.

However big or small your business is, you can choose from a range of prevention services.

Web app testing

Find out if your log-in page, forms, shopping basket and other applications could be exploited. Get expert advice on how to reinforce your web app’s security.

Mobile app testing

Mobile devices are one of the most popular targets for cyber criminals. Testing ensures your mobile apps perform as you intended and are secure.

Network pen test

Put your security to the test with a simulated cyber attack. Make sure your company’s most precious assets are safe from exploitation with our network vulnerability tools.

Standalone application testing

Standalone applications are used in a variety of devices and software – some of which you might not even consider. Our experts will identify and test your devices by simulating a cyber attack.

Phishing simulation services

We can run simulation attacks against your employees to help raise awareness of cyber security and how to protect your business. Together we can make sure your teams are the first to act if something doesn’t look right.

Dark Web forensics

We can find out if information about your organisation is being sold on the Dark Web. Using threat intelligence sources we can alert you to any risks.

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