Expert defence against fake and harmful emails

Why do I need EQ Zero?

EQ Zero protects you, your brand and your customers from counterfeit and harmful emails. Do you use emails to communicate with your customers? Hackers target email systems like yours every day. It’s hard for your customers to tell a malicious email from a genuine one. When they receive harmful files and phishing links from a copycat of your company’s email address, they lose trust in your brand. And when you lose your customers’ trust, you also lose money.

How does EQ Zero work?

EQ Zero is a cyber threat detection software that stops email cyber attacks for businesses of all sizes. With EQ Zero you can:

  • Identify the sources of both legitimate and unauthorised emails using live data and forensics tools.
  • Stream data through EQ Zero to categorise, visualise, trace and display all emails being sent using your brand and domains.
  • Set rules to stop malicious and phishing emails ever reaching your customers inbox.

EQ Zero analyses millions of records using the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) standard.

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“A UK logistics company had over 29 million customers. They used SMS and email for tracking and delivery. EQ Zero identified over 1,000 phishing attacks against consumers within the first 30 days.”

Chris Underhill, Equiniti Cyber Security

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