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Jamie Acutt | 19th November 2018

The EQ Cyber Security Debrief 19.11.18

Each week at EQ Data we will be looking at the breaking news stories from the world of data and cyber security. From the latest cyber technology developments to data breaches and new marketing insights; you can find the debrief here.


Vision Direct suffers consumer data theft

The start of a new week brought fresh news of a cyber-attack with Vision Direct announcing that the personal and financial details of some customers had been hacked earlier this month. This particular hack occurred directly on the website, as opposed to the Vision Direct database, meaning that only customers logging into accounts and updating information or making orders during the time of the breach may be affected. For those who did, sensitive information such as email addresses and mobile numbers as well as payment details are at risk and customers are urged to check their banking statements. Vision Direct is currently investigating how hackers gained access.


Ministers warn that the UK is wholly unprepared for cyber attacks

A parliamentary committee is calling upon the Prime Minister to appoint a cybersecurity Cabinet Office Minister, as the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) faces increasing risk from cyber threats. The Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy said that while the Government has emphasised the importance of cyber security in the midst of attacks on the major public and private bodies such as the NHS, clarity is still lacking around what the Government intends to do regarding cyber defence and timeframes for objectives. Furthermore, ministerial authority is needed to bring cybersecurity to the top of government’s agenda and protect the 13 sectors included in the CNI. Amidst increasing aggressive cyber-attacks from “hostile states” the report warns that defence measures must better reflect the scale of looming threats.


Amazon experiences data breach in run-up to Black Friday

Amazon has been hit with a data breach in the run up to Black Friday, one of the busiest and most lucrative periods for the retailer. Amazon has informed affected customers, citing a “technical issue” for revealing their personal information such as names and email addresses. In the communication the retailer said customers did not have to, “change your password or take any other action”. While this is likely intended to reassure customers, experts have advised customers to safeguard accounts and update their passwords. It remains to be seen whether the breach will dampen consumer confidence in the brand and impact Black Friday sales.


Student TalkTalk hackers sentenced for 2015 breach

In 2015 TalkTalk suffered a data breach which saw over one million customer records stolen and led to a £400,000 fine from the ICO. This week two British hackers involved in the cyber-attack were sentenced to a combined 20 months prison time. Matthew Hanley and Connor Allsopp were in their late teens at the time of the attack and were amongst an estimated group of ten hackers. The private data of TalkTalk customers was also leveraged by hackers in a blackmail attempt on former CEO Dido Harding. The total cost of the breach is reported to be £77 million.

Jamie Acutt

Jamie Acutt

Head of Marketing, Equiniti Cyber Security

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