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Jamie Acutt | 7th December 2018

The EQ Cyber Security Debrief 07.12.18

Each week at EQ Data we will be looking at the breaking news stories from the world of data and cyber security. From the latest cyber technology developments to data breaches and new marketing insights; you can find the debrief here.


Marriott Group offers to enrol guests in WebWatcher following data breach

The hotel group Marriott International saw a breach of around 500 million global customer records when the guest reservation database for its Starwood properties was hacked. The security breach was first identified in September and upon further investigation the company found that the unauthorised party had been accessing the Starwood database for four years. For 327 million guests this information includes their name, address, phone number, email address, passport number, account information, DOB, gender and arrival and departure information. Marriott is offering victims one year’s free enrolment in WebWatcher, a monitoring software which alerts users if their personal data is found unauthorised on internet sites. For some customers their encrypted payment card details were also accessed in the breach.


Data from 100 million Quora users exposed by malicious third party

Quora, an interactive website where users can post questions and answers, announced this week that it had suffered a data breach which exposed the records of 100 million users. Quora published a blog post announcing that some of its user data had been compromised by a “malicious third party” infiltrating systems. This information included names, email addresses, encrypted passwords as well as any private or public content posted from the account. Quora gave a fairly detailed account of the breach’s impact in its blog update, including how users can access archives of their account data, reset passwords and delete their data. Quora also gave full transparency over the timeframe of the breach and how the platform is working with security and forensic experts to find the threat source.


TSB to provide funding for Met Police fraud detectives

Earlier this year, TSB’s IT failure meant many customers were exposed to phishing scams from hackers taking advantage of the security lapse. With police struggling to cope with the fraud investigations TSB has now announced it will provide £200,000 to support the Lewisham, Bexley and Greenwich Met Police branches. According to the Evening Standard’s report, the funding will support fraud detectives working overtime as well as training and scam awareness programmes. The importance of effective and sensitive responses to banking fraud has been under the spotlight this year with phishing scams increasing in volume and sophistication, and just last month NatWest came under fire for an email response to a fraud victim which seemed to mock the customer’s experience.

Jamie Acutt

Jamie Acutt

Head of Marketing, Equiniti Cyber Security

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